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Reliable & Cost Efficient Recruitment Agency Based On Los Angeles

  • 01. What Kind of Services Offer?

    We provide professional services to our clients, which include helping HR teams to get the right staff for their needs, delivering professional staffing solutions for ...

  • 02. How Do I Start Hiring?

    Just Contact us or call us

  • 03. What is the Job Approval Process?

    The A-B-C steps our team take after a CV is submitted to secure Talent. A – Arrange interviews B – Be available C – Communication ...

  • 04. Why is the Job I Posted Not Approved Yet?

    We will Get back to you with in 24 hours to troubleshoot.

  • 06. What is Contractual Staffing?

    See Our Contract to Hire – B&S Recruitment ( for more

  • 05. What is the Refund Policy?

    Speak to one off our member staff for more information.